SEALS Course

SEALS is a unique course designed for those faced with evaluating fault dependent prospects, complexly faulted traps, fractured reservoirs, fault segmented reservoirs, and prospects that may have lost top seal integrity.

The 4-day course is based upon case studies from years of practical experience in exploration and production.  The course focuses on practical exercises based upon real-world examples.  SEALS also reviews numerous analogs, documented seal behavior in producing fields, and the fundamental control of faults on controlling hydrocarbon accumulations. COURSE OUTLINE

The SEALS course includes a 2-volume, 500 page course manual.  SEALS is specifically tailored for each client and for specific areas of interest.  A workshop allows you to apply these techniques to one of your own prospects or fields.

SEALS has been recently updated and revised (2014) to reflect the explosive growth of new knowledge in the field as well as our continuing experience in consulting on practical seal problems.


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