SEALS Software

Our SEALS software was designed specifically for routine fault seal analysis.  SEALS allows rapid construction of fault plane profiles and quantitative fault seal analysis.  SEALS is Windows™ -based and has been in use since 1987. 

SEALS allows:


Construction of fault plane profiles


Quantitative fault seal analysis 


SGR-Displacement plots


SGR Logs & Maps

SEALS produces final, presentation quality graphics with no redrafting.

Fault plane profiles are produced from hardcopy structure-depth maps simply by digitizing the fault-contour intersections.  SEALS automatically corrects for  apparent thickness and plots it across the section.  SEALS accepts unlimited well control.

The newest version of SEALS allows both deterministic and stochastic analysis as well as direct output of predicted hydrocarbon columns.  This QuickLook software is specifically designed for early stages of prospect analysis.  Click here to view a series of 27 slides documenting the QuickLook software 



This is a sample   









Visit TERRASCIENCES.COM for a PowerPoint presentation of the fault seal analysis package.  



SEALS software has also been incorporated into TERRASCIENCE'S TerraStation  allowing fast and easy transition from the critical initial sand/shale log analysis to the final quantitative fault seal analysis. 



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