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The Risking Fault Seal in the Gulf Coast Atlas consists of detailed studies of 239 faults in the Louisiana Gulf Coast.  These data are a fundamental tool for prospect assessment and field development.

51 Volumes of Text

1,740 Figures/Plates

Relational Database

Seal behavior of each fault is documented with fault plane profiles, SGR logs and maps,  & hydrocarbon contacts.  In each field the affect of faults on hydrocarbon distribution, column heights against faults, and migration pathways is analyzed.  These analogs provide a foundation for risking prospects and exploring for new plays.

The relational database allows searching for fundamental relationships between seal behavior, quantitative seal risk,  hydrocarbon column height, oil vs. gas, throw, depth, and other variables.


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"Seal risk is NOT the same throughout the Gulf Coast.  Seal risk maps clearly show that sealing faults are more common in some areas than others AND that seal risk can be predicted from regional stratigraphic data."

Reports include:

bulletPercentage of sealing and leaking faults
bulletRegional patterns of fault seal behavior
bulletSGR threshold for seal/leak
bulletGas versus Oil and seal behavior
bulletFault displacement and seal behavior
bulletImproving reserves assessments
bulletLocating bypassed reserves

A copy of the Table of Contents and List of Figures is available upon request.  We would also be glad to review this Atlas with you and give you a chance to see the report.


bulletHC column heights and seal behavior EXAMPLE
bulletHC columns, structural style & displacement
bulletFault Seal, Migration and Charge
bulletSeal & Compartmentalization
bulletSeal & Vertical stacking of reservoirs
bulletNew fault dependent plays in the Gulf Coast
bulletColumn heights, seal risk and the Deep Water


For a list of fields in the Gulf Coast Atlas FIELDS

"Logic is what you use to go in the wrong direction with confidence."

G. B. Shaw

There is no substitute for understanding how faults actually behave in existing fields.  Predicting seal using laboratory results, analysis of a single fault or field, or theory, however, logical, is mistaken confidence.

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