The Risking Fault Seal in the North Sea/Norwegian Sea database consists of detailed studies of  20 fields.  These data are a fundamental tool for prospect assessment and field development.

29 Volumes of Text

1,271 Figures/Plates

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For a list of fields in the North Sea/Norwegian Sea Atlas 

Reports include:

bulletPercentage of sealing and leaking faults
bulletRegional patterns of fault seal behavior
bulletSGR threshold for seal/leak
bulletGas versus oil and seal behavior
bulletFault displacement and seal behavior
bulletImproving reserves assessments
bulletLocating bypassed reserves


bulletHC column heights and seal behavior
bulletHC columns, structural style & displacement
bulletFault seal, migration and charge
bulletSeal & compartmentalization
bulletSeal & vertical stacking of reservoirs
bulletNew fault dependent plays
bulletBreakdown of faults
bulletSeal behavior & Brent facies
bulletSingle vs multiple oil accumulations in Brent Gp.


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