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Why do fault seal analysis?

If you want to know why you should be doing routine fault seal analysis, click WHY?.

What is fault seal analysis?

If you want to know what fault seal analysis is and what it involves, click SEAL.  This section also includes examples of fault seal analysis, examples of output from the SEALS software, and some outcrop photos of faults illustrating the physical characteristics that control seal.

Need data?

If you would like to schedule a 45 minute review of the Risking Fault Seal in the Gulf Coast Atlas and have the opportunity to review the Atlas, click CONTACT



Schedule a SEALS course for your staff

If you'd like to schedule a SEALS course to  train your people how to do it & to vividly demonstrate how important routine fault seal analysis is, click COURSES


Need data?

If you need data about fault seal behavior you can directly access our SEALS database and research reports by clicking here ACCESS or take a look at our Fault Seal Atlases by clicking ATLASES.

Need help?

If you need a fault seal analysis of a prospect, want to look for new fault dependent plays, need to calibrate a seal/leak threshold for your field or basin, are developing a faulted field, or are involved in a field unitization, click CONSULTING SERVICES.


If you're looking for software for fault seal analysis, click SOFTWARE.

If you want to contact us with questions or for further information, or to schedule a 45 minute review of fault seal analysis click CONTACT.


"Spending money on a 3-D seismic survey & ignoring the effects of fault seal is wasting most of your data, and your money."

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