SGR Logs


SGR Logs

The following display is an SGR log.  It shows both the  gouge composition (SGR) and juxtapositions of sands and shales across the fault.  Sands are shown in brown and shales are shown in black.  A white SP trace shows the detailed stratigraphic juxtapositions.  

The calculated gouge ratios are shown in color.  High SGR's, or sand-prone portions of the gouge, are shown in hot colors.  Low SGR's, or shale-prone portions of the gouge, are shown in cool colors.   

his is a sample   





Sand/sand juxtapositions with high SGR's (yellow-orange) will tend to leak.  Sand/sand juxtapositions with low SGR's (blue-purple) will tend to seal.  

All sand/shale juxtapositions will seal.


There are numerous examples in our database of sand/sand juxtapositions that seal.  It is NOT sufficient to simply construct a fault plane profile or Allan-map to risk fault seal behavior.

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